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Server Trailer And Release Date!


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Jan 2, 2021

Hello all you magnificent people! The Launch window is now approaching and is currently around the next corner. This milestone will lay the foundation for our Network & Community moving forward. This is a historical moment, ready to be cherished and remembered by each and every one of us, for the ones who have sat here patiently since the beginning, we thank you, for the newcomers we welcome you to SnowCraft with warmth and opened arms!

That being said, we are officially set for release! The grand opening shall take place on April 22nd. During the following 24 hours we will also be giving out a bunch of goodies and Donator Crate Keys, as well as three free Snow Ranks! You may enter the giveaway here. Be sure to swing by and enjoy the cotton candy since there is only a limited supply! Just a friendly reminder SnowCraft is in Beta stages, which means there is always room for improvement and further updates in the making. Our team here at SnowCraft is more then Dedicated and Committed to you, the players and heart of our beloved Community!

An upgrade shortly after release will drop, you all will be given an opportunity to pitch and share your ideas with us! More information and details will be provided on the discord, including a poll, which everyone can vote on.

You can expect regular updates. If you would like to keep tabs on what is new every week be sure to tune in and join our discord if you have not already! If you would like to ask us any questions, please feel more than welcomed to talk to us here on forums or our questions channel found on discord. Staff applications are now open, if interested you may apply here.

We are more than grateful to have all of you, the journey thus far may have been a long one, but SnowCraft is going no where and is here to stay! We are absolutely thrilled to see all of you in the upcoming days. Thank you!

~ Sincerely,

SnowCraft Team


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