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Jan 2, 2021

I am not sure if this is possible or not. What if we add a LFP system in the server for Skyblock, Factions, Or other games that has team or needs.

Where did I got this idea?

When BossCraft shut down in the past, I left minecraft because there were no Good servers left. So I started playing MMORPG's this is where I spent alot of my time in the past and until now. This is where I learned the LFP system, where people are using LFP for finding players, or finding items that they need.

How does it work?

Instead of spamming in all chat looking for this or that, you can just do /lfp (it will look like an HUD of a chest, like auction houses in servers.) and you will see every people's needs like finding a team or finding a specific item, by dragging your mouse on top of their heads you can see their description for example

Example 1:
Cianniate's LFP
Looking for cheap Iron Golems Spawners

Example 2:
Cianniate's LFP
Team Pwned is now looking for new fac members!
Requirements: Must be in this power, must have experience in factions.

So by dragging your mouse in their heads you can see that, and if you actually click their lfp it will make you send an email (in-game) so the time the players gets on they can see your request.

You have 1 mail regarding about your LFP.


Why LFP System will be a good thing to add? Here's why
Less Spam In Chat.
Players can easily browse other people's needs.
Its more convenient.

For example you were looking for cheap /fly voucher but that time the player who has the voucher is offline, so basically if we have the LFP system you can do /lfp and you can click your head to add a LFP. So basically if other people do /lfp and drag their mouse into your head they can see that you need the voucher, so the person (that has the voucher) can click your head and send a email to you in-game like mail box, so if you log-in the game you can see that the person (who has the voucher) sent you a email about having a available fly voucher. It's more convenient because it's so easy and it's more time friendly.

You're new to Factions or Skyblock and you are currently looking for a team, you can do /lfp and post an lfp about looking for a team, so Clan/Guild/Fac/Team leaders can browse the /flp to see players that needs a team. Same thing if you're the leader you can just post an /lfp about looking for teammates and you can put your requirements there so people can see your requirements before emailing you in-game.

Note : The LFP System will be hard without the trade system.

I think anyone who has steam already know where I'm going and yes you're right.

Where did I got this idea?
I got this idea in Steam's trading system that you can send a trade request to people even their offline.

How does it work?
Basically this will work good with the LFP System, because if you're offline people can request a trade for you, just like Steam's so like we have this Global Inventory that people can see if they would like to trade with you, you can put something in your Global Inventory like spawners, vouchers, or money. People can do a request by doing /tradereq (name) and a HUD will pop off your screen showing the player's global inventory and their you can send a request.

Note: The item that you put in the trade request must be in your global inventory for it to work.

You saw someone's LFP but they're offline but they put the item or money in their global inventory so if you're interested
you can just do /tradereq (name), and if the person (who you sent the request) came on they can view it in their mail by clicking on it
they can see your request and if he/she accepts it the trade will automatically be done.

Note: You can put items in your global inventory by doing /globalinv and an HUD will pop off letting you put items.


Why Trade Request will be a good thing to add? Here's why
You can get what you need even if you're offline.
You don't need to spam or wait for someone to get on.
It's efficient.

There's no scenario because the example already explained it very well.


Jan 28, 2021
I like the idea, I seems complicated for players though. If the demand is high enough it can always be added but at this moment in time I see no immediate need for this.